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  • Microsoft Patents New Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data

    Microsoft has patented a cryptocurrency mining system that leverages human activities, including brain waves and body heat, when performing online tasks such as using search engines, chatbots, and reading ads. “A user can solve the computationally difficult problem unconsciously,” the patent reads. Also read: 2x Bitcoin — Wanna Double Your BTC to the Moon? Forget The post Microsoft Patents New Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data appeared first on Bitcoin News.

  • Trader Survey Respondents Predict Bitcoin Price Will Surpass $22K in 2020

    San Francisco-based exchange Kraken conducted a poll that stems from the responses of 400 “VIP” cryptocurrency traders. Despite the current economic climate, surveyed participants indicate they still believe the cryptoconomy is in a “bull market.” Moreover, Kraken’s survey respondents think BTC prices will touch a new all-time high at $22,866 per coin. Also read: 2x The post Trader Survey Respondents Predict Bitcoin Price Will Surpass $22K in 2020 appeared first on Bitcoin News.

  • US Lawmaker Claims Stimulus Bill Bolsters Fed Secrecy, Pork Funds, and Wall Street Bailouts

    On Friday, U.S. bureaucrats passed the 2020 stimulus bill, which has become the largest cash injection package ever created by the federal government. However, following the bill making it through the Senate and House, Republican representative Thomas Massie told the public the stimulus bill bolsters a shroud of secrecy surrounding the Federal Reserve. Moreover, within The post US Lawmaker Claims Stimulus Bill Bolsters Fed Secrecy, Pork Funds, and Wall Street Bailouts appeared first on Bitcoin News.

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Ethereum Foundation
  • Validated, staking on eth2: #3 - Sharding Consensus

    Special thanks to Sacha Yves Saint-Leger & Joseph Schweitzer for review. Sharding is one of the many improvements that eth2 has over eth1. The term was borrowed from database research where a shard means a piece of a larger whole. In the context of databases and eth2, sharding means breaking...

  • Development Update #2 -

    Hey Ethereum! Here’s the latest update from the team: Style guide & Design upgrade is getting an upgrade! In January we released a style guide (figma doc) for public comment and feedback, and we’re currently in the process of rolling it out live on the site. We also...

  • eth2 quick update no. 9

    Strange times. I hope you are all well and continue to take care of yourselves, your families, and your communities. We’re a bit overdue on a quick update. My apologies. I’ll keep them coming at a regular clip after this one. Eth2 is looking good – Phase 0 is stable,...

  • The 1.x Files: Stateless Summit Summary

    The Stateless Ethereum Summit It’d be a fools errand to try and provide a representative or objective summary immediately following this week in Paris – I and everyone else whom were present shall be spending the coming weeks refining our takeaways, and adjusting for the year ahead. But for you,...

  • Devcon: What is Ahead

    What Devcon is all about Now that we’re well into the new year, our Devcon team wanted to share some of our thinking on what’s to come for Devcon this year. With new goals driving this year’s effort, we’ve learned from successes and challenges in recent years, and we’ll provide...

  • The 1.x Files: February call digest

    February 26th tl;dc (too long, didn’t call) Disclaimer: This is a digest of the topics discussed in the recurring Eth1.x research call, and doesn’t represent finalized plans or commitments to network upgrades. The main topics of this call were: The rough plan for the 1.x research summit in Paris following...

Ethereum World News
  • Tether’s Dominance Solidified as more Exchanges Launch Bitcoin USDT Futures Contracts

    In brief: In the last week, two prominent crypto exchanges have launched Bitcoin USDT perpetual contracts. They include Bybit and KuMex (KuCoin’s derivatives platform.) Tether (USDT) is ranked 4th according to market cap.  Its website states the company has $6.229 Billion in assets.  Trading of Bitcoin futures contracts has become more popular as crypto traders seek volume and volatility that has now escaped the majority of altcoins. In a previous analysis, we saw how Binance had overtaken Bitmex in terms

  • Bitcoin’s (BTC) Support at $6,000 Threatened by a Death Cross on the Daily Chart

    In brief: Bitcoin (BTC) has had an eventful weekend as it dropped from $6,700 to $6,000. The King of Crypto has tested the $6,000 support zone a few times.  This area of support is crucial as a death cross is forming on the daily chart.  At the time of writing this, all global citizens are taking precautions to safeguard their health and wealth from the devastating effects of COVID19. When we look at our favorite cryptocurrency of Bitcoin, it too

  • Bitcoin (BTC) Could be Tested By Another Stock Market Dip Due to the Coronavirus

    In brief: Today, the US has surpassed China in confirmed cases of the Coronavirus. A total lockdown might be the only option left to curtail the spread of the disease in North America. The Stock markets might experience another dip due to technical and fundamental factors.  Bitcoin (BTC) might thus be tested one more time by a stock market meltdown. New developments reaching Ethereum World News regarding the spread of the Coronavirus indicate that the United States has surpassed China

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